Grove-Associates: Three decades in high tech

I consulted with utilities and vendors to create alliances that catapulted them to the forefront of their industry. Developed strategic messages to make it all happen: communicating with industry analysts, customers, media, and policy makers, including PG&E, the New England Energy Efficiency Partnership, the US Dept. of Energy,  the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and in Bangalore, India, conducted a workshop for utility directors about global company requirements for energy efficiency measurement. Results to date: Savings greater than 120GW of power in data centers alone.

Throughout Asia, advanced technology transfer across 7 countries, presented the first workshops on office automation in six capital cities throughout the region. Results: Catapulted sleepy governmental department managers into advocates of IT leadership.

Wherever I traveled, I visited botanical gardens, and observed the demographics of their visitors and their behaviors. I learned how the groups of visitors moved through the paths, where they stopped to rest and take nourishment, what they pointed out to their children, and more.

For botanical gardens, I can reframe your value propositions for your unique collections, write your strategic plan, facilitate its development with Board and staff, analyze and recommend on the revenue mix, and create exciting content for your online presence.

We brought domain experience, relationship experience and seasoned management to startups through enterprises in USA and global companies in positions as founders, CEOs, product marketing management, etc.

Incorporated in 1981 and closed in 2012, Grove-Associates LLC  contributed strategic solutions to companies in the US, Asia and Europe working with clients such as Apple, DEC, Deutsche Telecom, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Hughes, IBM, Phillips, Ricoh, SAP, Webex. Xerox, and others. During that time we created value for clients through market studies, analyst relations, product launches, online collaboration and social media strategies.  Between 2009 and 2012, working with Pacific Gas & Electric, Deb Grove helped organize a national coalition of utilities paying rebates and incentives to their data center customers, and saving hundreds of gigawatts of electricity across the nation. She  completed studies that helped utilities, agencies, vendors, and end users:

  • Strategic planning for market penetration, industry leadership, and sustainability
  • Utility Energy Efficiency programs as they relate to data centers, and Information Technology & Communications Technology (ITC)
  • Agency public policy marketing strategies and program development
  • Vendor strategies and campaign execution, including analyst relations
  • End–User ITC best practices dissemination

Because I re-organized a company. Forged public-private partnerships. Launched a software product. Presented to investors. Earned a patent. Created winning brands many times.